What are our 800 numbers?

"I have actually referred you to several of my friends and associates. Personally use your 800 Number to speak to my family back home".


Codetic Media

Our program called “CallMe800” lets you offer clients, friends, or family members an 800 number from a large selection of countries around the world. The calls made to your 800 number can be redirected to any country in the world regardless of the type of phone (cellular, office, residential, ect.).

In addition to the advanced800 number forwarding service, a CallMe800 account comes with:

  • Voicemail.
  • Voicemails sent to your e-mail.
  • Technical support completely free.
  • Fax: (you can receive faxes through your 800 number)
  • A multi-forwarding system. Your calls can be forwarded to different telephones in different parts of the world.

When you sign-up for the CallMe800 program, you get your own 800 number and also have the possibility to choose a number that is easy for your clients to remember.

Use in businesses: If your company has clients in different countries, you can offer them an 800 number to call so that they don’t have to pay high international calling rates.

Personal Use: If you travel to different countries, then an 800 number is the ideal for you and those who need to get in touch with you. Our 800 number program allows you to receive all your important calls while traveling.

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