Local Calls via VoIP Program

We relay on UWT as our main IP Telephony provider.

We look forward to a long-shelf business relationship with your company.

Thomas Moore

Seerius Networks


Our local VoIP number program allows you to obtain a local phone number in over 40 different countries and hundreds of cities around the world. All the calls received through the “CallMYGlobalNumber” system can be answered by any telephone with our VoIP adapter or be redirected to any phone number of your choice. With this service you can offer your clients, friends or family a local number in the country of your choice, where they are able to call locally without having to pay high prices through international phone lines.

Advantages of our VoIP Local Number System:

  • Multiple VoIP Forwarding System: This characteristic of our VoIP allows you to redirect calls to different lines around the world simultaneously. This system can be used for clients that have a PBX.
  • Flexible VoIP Forwarding: The forwarding of local numbers is compatible with any landline or mobile (cellular).
  • Large Selection of Local VoIP Numbers: We have a large selection of local numbers from around the world.
  • ForwardFax (Fax via Email): With our FowardFax program you can have faxes that are sent to your local number (or 800 number) redirected to the e-mail address of your choice. The archive will be sent as an “image” folder. This program comes as no additional cost to your service! The activation of “fax to e-mail” can be easily activated from your control panel.
  • Custom Voice Greetings: This facet of our system lets you record a greeting or voice mail to your VoIP line.
  • Low Prices with Superior VoIP Quality: With our service, neither you nor your company needs to sacrifice high quality or a low price. With our advanced VoIP system, you or your company will always receive the best call with the best price.
  • Easy Payment Methods: We can bill the use of your VoIP telephone account through your credit card or your company.
  • Electronic Invoice: We will automatically send a statement of your account to your e-mail address with all the account details, without any additional charge.
  • Excellent Customer Service: As a UWTELECOM client, you will receive personal attention via telephone, e-mail, live chat or by through of our technicians.
  • Online Account Management: When you have created an account with us, we will send you a username and password that you can use to enter your account and make any necessary telephonic changes.
  • Receive Calls from Any Country: You can receive calls from any country around the world, including those your family is in: Nicaragua, Colombia, Panama, the U.S., Canada, etc.
  • No Contracts or Commitments: You don’t have to bind yourself to any contract in order to open an account with UWTELECOM, and, you can cancel your account at any time without having to pay a cent.
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