Business & residential VOIP Services


You can choose from one of the two following VOIP plans.

1. Outgoing Calls Only:

  • There are no monthly charges or registration fees.
  • You can download our telephonic software (softphone) for free in order to make calls or even use one of our adapters to connect to a working land-line.
  • Super low price and high quality calls
  • Digital invoice sent to your e-mail.

2. Incoming and outgoing calls:

  • Get your own local telephone number from over 60 countries around the world.
  • Receive unlimited calls.
  • Enjoy unlimited calls inside your IP Network.
  • Download our telephonic software (softphone) or get our adapter to connect to a land-line of your choice.
  • Super low prices.

It's a challenge to find good telecom in Costa Rica. So far so good, just recently signed up for your VOIP service. 

John Doe


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